Known as Nell, I am a London-based artist specialising in classic, heirloom-quality portraits of people and pets, as well as other fine art, print, illustration and design commissions.

A custom portrait of a loved one – family or furry – is a uniquely personal piece of art that captures a fleeting stage of their life for posterity. It can be commissioned simply as a keepsake or as a thoughtful gift for a special occasion: a birthday, christening, bar mitzvah, wedding or anniversary; Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas…

Working from photos taken by me or provided by the client, I’m able to produce consistent results, knowing from the outset that the client is happy with the pose and expression.

My human and animal portraits are usually in pencil and soft pastels respectively, but I enjoy variety and am open to many types of commission. Working in watercolour, acrylics, pen and pencil, I create likenesses of buildings, venues, wedding bouquets and anything else that holds special meaning for my clients. I also produce a variety of prints, commissioned illustrations and publishing design projects.

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